Jason Lester

Creative Leader and Visual Designer

My name is Jason Lester. JRob, as I am often called is a moniker derived from my first initial and my shortened middle name. I am a design director with over a decade and a half of experience in studio, corporate and freelance environments.

As a designer and creative leader I bring a proven knowledge of design strategy, concept development, project management and communication to the table. As a leader I strive to inspire my team and challenge them to grow.

I started as a web designer when I was enlisted in the Marine Corps. Since then I have worked full-time and as a freelancer doing website design, graphics design for the web and for print, worked as a printer for a little while, designed distance learning modules, e-commerce platforms, user interfaces, advertisements, branding packages and style guides, and a lot more.

My saving graces in this word would have to be my ability to learn quickly, creativity and my sense of humor. These have helped to deal with some hard times and lots of stress (which may explain the hairline or a lack thereof) I believe that creativity is one of the most important qualities a person can have, and that everyone has it to a degree. Creativity is definitely a driving force of civilization and without it we may not have many of the technologies or concepts that we take for granted today. My loves are: my family, the challenge of a new project or piece, laughter, being with good friends or making new ones, music (listening and making), cooking, learning and writing.