I have been in the business of web and graphic arts for a decade and a half. My strong suits are; creative direction,  business branding and web design, color analysis and typography. I am also proficient in multimedia design, video production, and consulting.

My passion is to provide businesses and individuals with a modern, creative and unique personality and presence on the web and on paper. I have worked with companies of all sizes, in a wide variety of industries to achieve this goal time and time again.

“Design, good or bad, is a vehicle of memory.  Good design adds value.”

– Paul Rand

I came across this quote several years ago when I was working on a branding and style guide for a client.  This one sentence really struck a chord with me, I always work my best for my work to be as aesthetically simple and powerful as it is informative.  By keeping to this simple goal, I ensure that my designs are not only memorable from a look and information perspective, but that they leave the right memory for the client the design is done for.