I have spent a decade designing and consulting businesses and organizations as large as the U.S. Army to as small as a family-run shop. The portfolio below represents a broad display of my recent design endeavors on the web and on print.

Rain Shot

This photo was taken during an evening thunderstorm.
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Jekyll and Hyde Letterform Poster

This hand-drawn turned vector poster was commissioned for office art.
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Gear photo

Photo taken to showcase framing and depth of field in a tight space.
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Novetta Vets Logo

As part of standing up Novetta's new veterans outreach program, a logo was needed to unite the messaging, imagery and community.
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Social Media Infographic

This infographic was made at the request of my employer to illustrate global demographics for various social media services.  It was made to showcase a breakdown by gender, age and...
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Chicago Poster

This graphic was originally the result of radial settings and making new actions, and it took on a life of its own.
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