Samuel Morse used the phrase that is the title of this first post to officially open the Baltimore-Washington Telegraph Line. This first message may seem like a random phrase, but when you think of how the telegraph system created and caused a movement in rapid long distance communication, this phrase seems oddly prophetic, asking in what has this caused. Fast forward 172 years from that first official telegraph to 2016, long distance communication is taken for granted by most. The capabilities we have with blogs, social media and ever shrinking and more powerful mobile devices, it is amazing to think back on this achievement.

I decided to open my new blog with this phrase, mainly for the purpose of, I do not know what direction I will take this blog, what I will post about from day to day or how it will move me once I get consistent readers. My initial intention is to focus on my passion and work as a designer, leader and media producer, but that will not be what this is all about at the end of the day, because that is not what I am all about.

So for now I will say this, if you want to read and discuss good information design, serious and intellectual issues, amusing anecdotes, or just my life in general stay tuned.


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